Save Your Photos Month 2021

Since 2014, hundreds of professionals around the globe have worked together to educate people on the importance of safeguarding their photo collections during the month of September, known as Save Your Photo Month.

In 2020 we launched our first month-long educational Summit.  It was a phenomenal success. Over 5000 people registered to watch our mini-courses that featured tips, motivational stories, and product demonstrations on organizing and sharing photos/videos.  We are excited to build upon that momentum and will once again host a Save Your Photos Month Summit throughout the month of September.


This year we will focus on a weekly theme and challenge with mini-courses that feature tips, motivational stories, and product demonstrations to support the theme.  These courses are educational and free!  In addition, every Wednesday in September we’ll feature guest speakers during a live Q & A zoom call. 


Week One: My Photos Are Everywhere Challenge – You know you have photos but do you know where they are?    

Week Two: Making A Photo Plan Challenge – This week we’ll explore backing up your photos, digitizing and most importantly, creating a legacy photo plan.

Week Three: Capturing Your Family Stories Challenge – You’ve heard the saying, a picture is worth a thousand words. This week will focus on all the ways you capture the stories behind the photos you care most about.  

Week Four: Bring Your Photos Back to Life Challenge – The options to print and share photos/videos are endless. This week we’ll share information, ideas, and advice to help you turn your awesome photos into meaningful gifts for you or loved ones.

We have two sponsorship opportunities to help you connect with thousands of individuals who are interested in saving their treasured photo collection. 

Package A


a. Email and Social Promotion

  • Sponsor acknowledgment and logo on the SYPM page of The Photo Managers website, visible to both members and non-members.
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and logo in all emails to members and non-members before, during, and after SYPM.
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and logo on SYPM sponsor-related Facebook and Instagram posts.

b. Educational Short-Course
Our short courses were viewed thousands of times during Save Your Photos Month.  You have the option to create a 20 minute short course that will be added to the program

Package B




  • Sponsor acknowledgment and Logo placement on the Save Your Photos landing page.  
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and Logo in all emails to our list of over 10,000 fans 
  • Sponsor acknowledgment and logo placement on social media campaign including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram 
  • Option to give away a product, coupon or service.

Contact: Cathi Nelson | if you have any questions.