Allison Freedman

Allison W. Freedman is a Certified Photo Manager with a background in anthropology, law, and photography. After organizing and managing millions of documents as an attorney and over 100,000 photos of her own, she now helps individual and business clients take control of their photos and videos so that they can enjoy their memories again. She works with each client to create a customized plan, relieving her clients of photo overwhelm stress and allowing her clients to focus on what is important to them.

Drafting a Photo Organizer’s Contract


Protect yourself and your clients with a contract.

Every photo organizer should have a signed contract before starting work, to protect both you and your client. In this interactive session, discuss the clauses that every contract should contain, and use groupthink to come up with a list of additional clauses that we should all consider. Allison will share the actual language of many of the clauses included in her own contract. Come away with an understanding of what a contract must contain to be binding as well as a framework to follow when drafting your own contract. *Note: this breakout session will not contain legal advice.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs

Conference Track: Business Management

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