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Jill Yesko, CPO, CPPO, is the founder of Discover Organizing, a full-service organizing and downsizing firm located in Pittsburgh. Jill is an author, national speaker and obsessively creative thinker who desperately wants to help photo organizers to have profitable and healthy businesses!

Get the Ops to Avoid the "Oops"


In business, mistakes happen. I prefer to call them “lessons”, which turn into perfected methods and “workflows” that your business comes to depend upon, especially when it comes to taking great care of your customers, and of course, protecting your growing company. As humans, we trust that our beautiful brains will remember to write them all down, yet we reinvent the “process wheel” way too often to be efficient and productive.

Documented and accessible proven systems – from the sales process until the end of the project – will really come into play when you expand your business, but having customized and polished procedures in place ensures a smooth and consistent approach – and results! Jill Yesko, the creator of Organized Memories, currently offers three different business kits, multiple form bundles and templates that you can brand and customize so that you can actually enjoy time with your customers and their photo collection!

Please come ready to learn, but also arrive ready to work! Build your own mini ops manual with Jill, as she will be not only sharing the 10 most important components of an Operations Manual, but will encourage you to be thinking more deeply about your business’ best practices.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members

Conference Track: Client & Project Management / Business Management

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