Rhoda Gordon

Rhoda Gordon is certified as a photo organizer by The Photo Managers and is the owner of Sunflower Photo Solutions. In addition to her love and knowledge of photos, she is an electrical engineer by trade which aids in her technological competence, problem solving skills, and attention to details and deadlines. Her passion is supporting others to preserve and organize their beautiful memories, enabling them to pass down their amazing legacy to future generations.

Close Deals With a Client Assessment & Roadmap


A tailored proposal is a valuable first step in the client process.

After a first in-home meeting with a prospect, utilize an inventory to produce a custom Assessment and Roadmap. This document outlines their media collection and scope of work, outlines the organization process, and makes recommendations for backup, storage, and other tools. Pricing options are included. Building the prospect’s trust, confidence, and buy-in, this can increase your chances of converting them to a customer. Learn the steps from prospect booking process to workflows to a polished final product, while viewing a sample Assessment and Roadmap.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members

Conference Track: Business Management / Client & Project Management / Marketing & Sales

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