Sandra Williams

Sandra Williams has been helping people organize their photos and share their stories for over 20 years. In 2013, with over a decade of experience as both a consultant for an archival photo album company and a college career counselor, Sandra combined her passion for photos and helping others and founded Infinity Photo Solutions. Sandra is a Certified Photo Organizer through The Photo Managers, and considers it both a joy and a privilege to help her clients gain control over their photo collection and enjoy their photos again. Sandra lives in Vienna, VA with her husband, two teenagers, and a pandemic puppy.

Holly Corbid

Holly Corbid is the founder and owner of Capture Your Photos, where she helps families celebrate life, tell stories and touch hearts with their photo and video collections by helping them to organize, preserve and share their lifetime of memories. Prior to her work as a Certified Professional Photo Organizer, Holly spent 15 years in the corporate world where she wrote a lot of policy, more than one employee handbook and had the opportunity to work on several process improvement teams that have helped shape her business. Holly is married with 3 very photogenic children and lives in Stillwater, Minnesota.

Business Systems: 6 Ways to Maximize Efficiency


Efficient business systems are the key to profitability.

Whether you’re just starting out or juggling multiple clients and projects, implementing efficient business systems is key to profitability, productivity, managing your stress level, and keeping you on track and moving forward. Get perspectives from two experienced photo organizers on building efficient business systems. Learn about customer relationship management software (known as CRMs; 17Hats & Dubsado), operations manuals, workflows, project tracking, and other professional tools to help run a productive business.

Experience Level: Just Starting Out / Solopreneurs / Experienced Entrepreneurs / International Members / Partnerships & Growth

Conference Track: Business Management / Client & Project Management

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