Martie McNabb

I’m a personal historian/visual artist who creates visual narratives from client’s photo, document & memorabilia archives. I’m also an interactive story-sharing heartist who helps people create connections by holding space for them to share the stories of the things they keep. What photo or object do you hold dear? And if you’re an artist, creative or service pro looking for a unique way to market yourself that not only feels good but does good? Reach out to me to find out more about my community of story-share holders.

Significant Objects: What Things Bring You Joy, Magic & Meaning?


What photos & objects would tell your life story? We KNOW that the best things in life aren’t things…. but Things have a way of holding memories of the people, places & experiences that make up the best things in our lives.

The Photo Managers 2021 keynote speaker, Bill Shapiro & his partner Naomi Wax, traveled the country asking people a simple question “What Thing brings you joy, magic & meaning?” Their beautiful book What We Keep is a deeply moving representation of how objects hold our most significant stories.

Look around your home, your office, your self…. Every Thing has a story… what Thing(s) tell yours?

Don’t focus on your “valuable” things…. Bill & Naomi found that no-one chose the Thing that brought them joy, magic & meaning held any monetary value. “Our hearts are not accountants; we cling to the meaningful, not the monetary.”

Join your colleagues & others as we share a little bit of our personal history through a Thing we keep. You’re always welcome to look & listen.

Pre-Conference Session (Wednesday prior to conference)

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