Save Your Photos Month 2021

SEPTEMBER is Save Your Photos Month! This month-long campaign by The Photo Managers recognizes that people are overwhelmed. Whether it’s too many photos on their mobile devices, the threat of weather disasters destroying family photos, or trying to keep up with companies that change their policies, photo chaos is a universal challenge.

Last year we had over 7000 people view our live workshops and pre-recorded classes.

If you enjoy speaking and sharing your expertise, applying to speak is an excellent opportunity to increase your visibility and credibility. Each week, we will feature five mini-classes for 20 classes. In addition, we will continue our tradition of a “live” presentation with interviews or panel discussions every Wednesday.

As you consider your proposal, our goal is to include presentations that feature a professional photo manager and a client for a true-to-life experience. The goal is to showcase “real people and real-life experiences.” Not every talk will fit those criteria, but if you have a client experience within our topics, we know people will resonate with actual life examples.

The proposal submission deadline is March 1st, 2023.

Speaking Details & Requirements

  • Each Save Your Photos presentation will be between 10-15  minutes long, shorter is fine; longer than 15 minutes can not be accepted. 
  • Your presentation will be educational only.
  • We will provide the slide deck template so the brand is consistent (will be available in PowerPoint, Google Slides, and Canva). 
  • You are required to use the template, however, you have free reign to be creative with your slides and content that suit your talk. 
  • You are welcome to include your personal information and a call to action on the closing slide along with our required information. 
  • You may choose to mostly talk and have fewer slides but the opening and closing slides are required. 
  • If you are unsure of what program to use to record your presentation, we highly recommend Zoom or Loom.
  • The Event Committee will review all submissions and reply by April 1st. 
  • If your class is chosen, we require the completed recording by June 1st (We are holding firm to our deadline this year and will not accept late submissions)
  • We will release all the classes on September 1, 2023.  
  • The mini-courses will only be available until October 31st, 2023.

Here are the weekly themes with sample title ideas to inspire you:

Week One: Why Your Legacy Matters & How to Get Started
This week, we’ll explore what to include as part of your photo and video Legacy and real-life examples of projects from The Photo Managers.

Topic ideas:
• What you should consider when it comes to Legacy Planning
• Five Ways to Future Proof Your Photos

Week Two: Keeping Up with Technology
Let’s face it, technology is here to stay, but how do you use technology to help rather than overwhelm you? This week we’ll explore ways to manage changing technology regarding your photos and videos.

Topic ideas:
• How do I keep my photos safe and private?
• I’ve scanned all my photos, what’s next?

Week Three: How to Prepare for the Unexpected
There are many threats to our photo memories. Hurricanes, floods, fires, burst pipes, crashed hard drives, aging technology (who owns a VCR anymore?), and more. This week we’ll share best practices in future-proofing your precious memories.

Topic ideas:
• How to prepare before a weather disaster
• My dad has early dementia, how can I save the stories?

Week Four: Using Photos and Videos to Create Joy
This week, we’ll explore all the amazing ways you can use your photo and video memories to bring joy.

Topic ideas:
• What I discovered after I scanned my family photos.
• How our family stays connected despite the distance

Do you have a topic for a panel discussion or a themed Wednesday topic?
If yes, please share a proposed title and include a description. We will find additional speakers if we choose your panel discussion idea.