The Photo Managers 2024 Conference Call for Speakers

The central theme of this year’s conference revolves around “Mastery” – a term that embodies the pursuit of excellence, the continuous pursuit of knowledge, and the unwavering determination to refine one’s skills and abilities. As professional photo managers, mastery is a never-ending process and a state of mind.

This year our workshops will include one hour and, for the topics that need more in-depth teaching, 90 minutes, in four categories:

• Technology encompasses anything related to technology, from using different software programs, using AI, adding metadata, scanning techniques, editing, comparing programs, mastering shortcuts, MAC & PC, etc.

• Sales & Marketing involves ways to attract and retain clients. Have you embraced marketing? Do you have experience exhibiting, speaking, email marketing, paid advertising, or good analytics? What about soft skills such as listening and empathy?

• Systems and Operations are all about the infrastructure that supports your business. What techniques have you perfected in your day-to-day business? Do you use a CRM? How about onboarding, estimating, and pricing projects and having a system for referrals? Any topic that can help others simplify their business is a great topic.

• Niche & Diverse Practices is based on the fact that our member community comes from varied backgrounds and focuses on different interests. What is your area of focus? Small Businesses, Non-profits, Seniors, Millennial Moms, Analog Media, Designing Photo Albums, Genealogy – What opportunities have yet to be discovered?

Plus, we want to offer 2 panel discussions.

Topic One – Photo Organizing Platform & Software
This panel aims to highlight the pros and cons of the most common software our members use. If you feel comfortable discussing any of these programs, we’d love for you to join our panel discussion. Mylio, Forever, Smug Mug, Permanent, Apple Photos, Amazon Photos, DropBox or one we’ve missed?

Topic Two – Ask the Pros
We will send a survey to members on issues they’d love to ask a PRO and share those ahead of time so you are well prepared.

We welcome submissions from certified professional photo managers and other professionals who can provide relevant, quality training. Proposals are due by August 31, 2023. You will be notified if you are accepted by September 15th whether your proposal has been accepted. There are no limitations on how many submissions you submit.

Information to collect before starting the submission process:

• Speaker bio
• Speaker headshot
• Description of presentation and learning objectives
• Social media links
• A 90-second video introducing yourself and sharing the learning objectives for your talk. We may use these videos for promotional purposes.

Please review the Speaker agreement and compensation below before starting your application.

You agree to the following terms and conditions for speaking at The Photo Managers Conference by submitting a speaker proposal to The Photo Managers.

Honorariums are provided per session. If you are choosing to co-present, then honorariums will be payable to the primary speaker for distribution to co-presenters.

Speaker Compensation
• 90-minute Breakout Speakers: $250 for a 90-minute presentation plus a 50% rebate on your conference registration. The refunds will be paid by May 15, 2024
• 60-minute Breakout Speakers: $200 for a 60-minute presentation plus a 50% rebate on your conference registration. The refunds will be paid by May 15, 2024
• Co-Presenters will share compensation 50/50 (each receives a 25% conference rebate and share the compensation).
• Panel Discussion: $50 stipend will be paid by May 15, 2024

You may submit and teach more than one topic if desired and will be compensated for each topic.

Speaker Agreement

1) I understand that the submission of my proposal implies a commitment to present if my proposal is accepted.

2) I will deliver my presentation twice, once at the conference and a second time at the virtual conference.

3) The recording will be available to attendees as part of their conference registration and for purchase by members and non-members after the conference.

4) I understand that I will be photographed during my presentation and that my photo may be used for promotional purposes by The Photo Managers.

5) All information presented in my workshop and/or handout materials will be my own original work, and if not, I agree to obtain the author’s permission in writing to use their content for the live sessions and recordings as referenced above. I agree to display copyright attribution in my presentation and handouts.

6) I understand that I am responsible for my own travel, hotel, and conference expenses, including food and beverage.

7) This invitation to speak is to help educate and inform vs. an opportunity to directly market myself or any products or services I may represent. I further understand that The Photo Managers has a separate program for vendors who may wish to directly market their products and services that I may choose to participate in, and thus understand and agree that this speaking invitation precludes any direct marketing of products and services.

Call for Speakers

The Photo Managers conference is known for providing outstanding training taught by subject matter experts. We are seeking educators on a variety of subjects including topics geared to experienced and new professionals.

By applying, you agree to present your material at both events. Ideally, in-person in Orlando and then virtually for our virtual conference attendees. We will give preference to speakers who can deliver their material in person, but we will also consider virtual-only presentations, especially from our international community.

Our Conference Sponsors

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