Welcome to the Career Advice from a Pro series! In this episode, Cathi Nelson interviewed Photo Managers who operate as a family business. Today we learn about Brett & Paige Torgrimoson of Gold Star Photo Solutions, where family ties and photo magic intertwine!

Based in picturesque Northern California, Brett and Paige Torgrimson, along with their daughters, have crafted a business of preserving precious memories. Watch the video or read on to learn about the Torgimson’s family journey where professionalism meets passion with every snapshot.


Gold Star Photo Solutions isn’t just a business venture; it’s a family affair. Brett and Paige, along with their daughters, form the backbone of this enterprise. What started as Brett’s passion for photography and Paige’s expertise in research and archiving evolved into a thriving business. They offer a range of services, from photo scanning to restoration and media conversion. In addition to their outstanding services, though, what makes them especially unique, is the way they truly embody the spirit of a family business.


While Brett’s background in IT management brings a tech-savvy edge to the business, Paige’s artistic flair adds a personal touch to every project. Together, they navigate the complexities of each project, ensuring that each client’s story is told with authenticity and warmth. As a result, the core of Prett & Paige’s business lies in a dedication to preserving memories with care and precision. The team specializes in scanning photographs, slides, and negatives, ensuring that every detail is captured with utmost clarity. Additionally, they offer restoration services, breathing new life into old, damaged photos.


Looking to the Future: A Legacy in the Making


As Gold Star Photo Solutions continues to flourish, the Torgrimsons are optimistic about the road ahead. And so, with a keen focus on expanding their services and reaching new audiences, they are poised to continue to reach new milestones of success. Through targeted ad campaigns, engaging workshops, and unwavering commitment to excellence, they aim to illuminate the future of preserving cherished memories.


To learn more about Brett & Paige Torgrimson’s family business as Photo Managers, watch the full video on YouTube.