Photo Organizing Made Easy Bundle  
 Tackle both your digital and printed photo collection with our signature photo organizing courses. 
$433 / Payment Plan Available
Are you overwhelmed by boxes of printed photos and devices full of digital photos?

You aren’t alone, and we can help! Printed photos need a different approach than digital photos, which is why this bundle will save you $25 and help you solve BOTH issues.
 Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy
The printed photo organizing course is taught by Cathi Nelson, a babyboomer who founded The Photo Managers and has taught thousands how to manage their printed photos.
Cathi Nelson is the best selling author of Photo Organizing Made Easy; Going from Overwhelmed to Overjoyed. She also founded The Photo Managers, a membership organization dedicated to helping thousands of entrepreneurs from around the globe build successful photo and video organizing businesses.
In Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy, Cathi will walk you step by step through 6 lessons that include handouts and worksheets: Building a Foundation, ABC’s of Photo Organizing, Scanning, Saving, and Sharing.
"Not only did I enjoy this training, I learned so much about the fundamentals of protecting and organizing my printed photos. The presenters are engaging, and the sequence of modules well organized. In this age of wildfires/natural disasters and the terrible risk of loss of precious possessions, I found learning the steps to protect and save our images (and stories) really impactful. This course also nudged me to take some more risks and "think out of the box" with my photo projects. Printed Photo Organizing Made Easy is well worth the investment of time and cost. Thanks for taking a complex topic and making it so user-friendly."
 DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop
The DIY Digital Photo Organizing course is taught by Jordan Babeon, a tech-savvy mom and tech entrepreneur that believes that technology should work for you, not against you. We’ve bundled these together so you can save $25!
We believe photos have the ability to create and spread love, joy and connection to those around us. SurroundUs is a small, woman-owned, professional photo organizing business with a passion for helping busy, working parents take control of their digital clutter and feel empowered with their photo management system.

We’ve become the experts in all things photo organization, consolidation and protection so that your limited time can be spent doing the things you love: pouring over family memories, reminiscing on life’s sweetest occasions and reliving your best moments spent with your best people.
In DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop, Jordan will help you decide which system is best for you (Apple Photos, Google, Amazon or One Drive) and teach you a system that you can easily follow to control your digital photos. She includes handouts and reference guides to ensure you achieve the success you want. Learn more: DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop: The Insider Shortcuts Used by the Pros.
"What was once intimidating has now become an approachable and easy task! Just finished SurroundUs Services DIY Photo Organizing class and feel confident that I can now fully utilize Apple and Google Photos. Jordan was extremely knowledgeable and a skilled teacher, who clearly explained the process of reining in thousands of photos (from many devices) into one simple organizing system."
 There is absolutely no risk to you! 
Say YES today. Use the system, and within 30 days, if you’re not completely satisfied, we will refund your investment.

Promise. No questions asked.

We only ask that you give it an honest try because what we’ve put into this system can and will help make a significant impact in organizing all your photos.