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Journaling Heritage Photos

Telling the story of a heritage photo is probably the most difficult. And what exactly is a heritage photo anyway? Old. Really old.These photos are especially important as our children

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Where are your photos hiding?

by Susan Berland Are your digital and/or printed photos playing hide and seek and winning? That is, you know where they’re supposed to be but you can’t find the one

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Capturing Your Wedding Memories

By Jessie G. Campbell As a personal historian, every time I look at vintage wedding photos I ask the same questions: Was it love at first sight?  How did he propose? 

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A Photo Gift for Everyone

by Judi Weber A month rarely passes that we don’t have to buy some sort of gift. The hunt begins for Mom’s birthday gift and then there’s your niece, graduating

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What’s your story?

by Rita Norton People love stories. Every successful speaker keeps you on the edge of your seat as they tell their story.  You are connected, engaged, you can relate to

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