Business Mastermind

Create a Solid Photo Management Business with Confidence & Clarity

Imagine a course so powerful that it changes your thinking. Gets you out of your comfort zone and turns you into a confident business owner.

Move forward in your business with a new mindset, alignment with your values, increased enthusiasm, and an instant support network.

This is the program every entrepreneur wishes they had access to as they were starting out.


Ready to build a solid business foundation tailored to your exact strengths and vision?

The 2022 Business Mastermind is the pre-conference intensive, reimagined. It’s now a coaching journey of five months, with bi-weekly online meetings and one amazing in-person session at the Denver conference.

Certified Life Coaches Lisa Bianco and Lisa Luken, who were photo managers before they started coaching, guide you with perspective and insights unique to our industry. Their highly interactive, immersive, and FUN! program will guide you towards truly becoming the CEO of your business and taking it to whatever level you envision.

Group coaching sessions will include deep dives into the following:

Behaviors – Being a CEO is a lifestyle change. Form healthy new habits by discovering and using your strengths.

CEO Mindset – Learn how to make to make decisions from a CEO vantage point and stick to them.

Clarity – Create a business around whom you want to help and the work you want to do.

Comfort Zone – Living outside of your comfort zone is a requirement. It’s not easy. We give you the tools to do it.

Confidence – Gain confidence in your services, your pricing, and the value you bring to clients.

Connection – Welcome to your new support network of colleagues and accountability partners.

Productivity – Use your limited time and energy to get the right things done and avoid procrastination.

Selling – We call it serving. Learn how to create value to serve your clients best.

Strategy – Come away with a strategic plan for your business. 

Vision – A visual map of what you want your business to look and feel like will help you achieve it.

What you get:

• Ten 60-minute Group Coaching Sessions between January – May 2022. These sessions are online and will be recorded but you’ll get the most out of them by attending live.

• Full-Day Strategy Session in person, the day before the Denver conference. At the halfway mark of the program, meet for 6 hours, engaging in interactive activities to solidify your goals and connect with and celebrate your successes with your colleagues. 

• Lunch and invitation-only dinner
 for Mastermind and Masterclass attendees on March 23, 2022 in Denver.

• Workbook
to document your journey and have future reference of your process.


Hear from Previous Students

“Since I wasn’t earning much yet as a new photo manager, I felt I would consider the intensive the following year, after I had made some money! But I decided to bite the bullet and sign up for it and I’m so glad I did.

I had been so focused on taking the technical training on “how” to be a photo manager, that I hadn’t taken the time to focus on the “why” or the “how” to be an entrepreneur.

Knowing that the instructors had been photo managers before, gave me confidence that they could speak specifically to applying this course to this industry.

I started my business as “I want to help people do what had been my hobby”, but after the intensive, I became a confident business owner.

It helped me believe in myself, allowing clients to trust me with their memories. It was a great combination of strategy, plus the tactics to accomplish those strategies. Little things like creating an “elevator speech” and identifying my core values allowed me to articulate what I did and who I wanted to work with. I feel like this course was the critical key to giving me the right mindset to make my business a success.”

Karen H.
Near & Dear Photo Solutions

“As someone new to our profession, I walked into the Intensive comparing myself to others who’ve been in business for years, concerned that I don’t know enough and that I’m far behind.

But during the Intensive my thinking changed, and I realized that those previous thoughts were no longer an issue. My journey is my own and I feel confident about my commitment and enthusiasm for where I am and what’s to come.

Lisa Bianco, Lisa Luken and my fellow colleagues in the course provided a wonderful environment in which to learn, share, and feel empowered.”

Lisa D.

“I joined the Business Intensive virtually in 2021. I had done business courses before and hesitated about signing up, but I am so glad that I took part. The course is run by Photo Managers who know the business and the challenges you face when you’re starting out. Their advice is invaluable.

I worked out my niche and how to add value to client projects – allowing me to charge premium rates. It also changed how I organise my time and working day.

There was a fantastic cohort of people in similar situations and we quickly bonded and still support each other today.”

Anne-Louise G.

A personal note from Lisa and Lisa

Your first step in growing a business is believing in yourself and investing in your growth as a CEO of your photo management business. We understand that saying ‘yes’ can feel risky. Yet we know that you will reap the rewards of more clients and more money. We have found that when photo managers join, they feel they need to be experts in all services, yet that leads to overwhelm. During our five months together, we will guide
you in deciding exactly what you want to focus on as a photo manager and we (along with your fellow classmates) will serve as accountability partners helping you stay on track to achieve success, profitability, and joy as a photo manager!

You are in control of your success and can do hard things. We are your coaches, and we take our roles seriously and are here for you throughout the five months. Your success is our success.

We have been delivering workshops for The Photo Managers since 2016 and are excited to be back again with this impactful program.

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