Business Systems for Success

The Photo Managers have teamed up with strategy & systems design expert, Erin Taylor of Lunimae to bring you a series of workshops throughout 2022 focused on action-oriented training to eliminate the scary from systems.

She uses a strategic process to bring clarity to your work, your goals, and a clear path to reach them. You will work on bringing honesty to your business processes: what works and what doesn’t. Once operations flow without effort, you’ll have the headspace and confidence to take the next steps in your business.

All sessions will be recorded and available to members through December 31, 2025.

About Erin Taylor
Erin offers operational and productivity support to service-based small businesses and high-achieving individuals. Specializing in time management, scheduling, delegation, and ClickUp work management, she helps each client discover their version of freedom and provides the steps to achieve it. Prior to founding Lunimae, Erin worked as an IT project manager and business analyst managing system implementation projects in sales, finance, document retention, cyber security, and order-to-cash.

Workshop #1

What are Systems? How Processes & Tools Impact Your Business

Systems aren’t just tools. Learn the difference between the two, why you need both, and how to identify where each belongs by mapping. We’ll do a hands-on activity during the workshop.

Tools Covered: Options for tools within all areas (CRM, project management, marketing, and financial) plus Miro whiteboard app.

Workshop #2

Work-Life Balance: How to Manage Your Time

Dive deep into Calendar Management, Time Blocking, Time Tracking, and creating your Ideal Week. Includes a workbook.

Tools Covered: Time-tracking tools, focus tools, and calendar management and scheduling tools (including Calendly).

Workshop #3

Project Management Profitability

How to define scope, risks, create your timeline and adjust when needed. Covering how to do this for clients and your internal business needs. Includes a Reference Guide.

Tools Covered: Project management tools (Asana, ClickUp, Trello, etc.), marketing tools, and the project management process and resources.

Workshop #4

Outstanding Onboarding

Creating a seamless and carefully crafted onboarding process for your clients. Includes a reference guide.

Tools Covered: CRM tools, Zapier, and payment processing.

Workshop #5

Consistency is Key: Why You Need SOPs

Creating and maintaining standard operating procedures (SOPs) for your business and managing documentation. We’ll be doing a hands-on activity during the workshop.

Tools Covered: Zoom, Loom, Google Drive, Google Docs, OneDrive

Workshop #6

Managing the Money: Bookkeeping & Billing

Tips on billing, best practices for bookkeeping, and more. This session will be taught by a Financial Expert. Includes a Reference Guide.

Tools Covered: Excel/Google Sheets and Quickbooks.

Workshop #7

Client Communication

How to define communications with your clients upfront and throughout the project. Identify tools to use for leads, current clients, and previous clients. Includes a Reference Guide.

Tools Covered: Zoom, Calendly, CRMs, Slack, Voxer, Mailchimp and other email programs, reporting, and dashboards.

Workshop #8

Managing Overwhelm Across the Business

What to do when you feel like you’ve taken on too much. When is the right time to hire help? How to say No. What happens when your client is overwhelmed? Reference Guide is included.

Tools Covered: Ways to prioritize, brain dumps, system mapping updates, pricing, hiring, Airtable, and Excel/Google Sheets

Workshop #9

Reviews & Referrals: Offboarding Effectively

How to offboard so clients feel valued. How to create useful exit surveys. How to ask for testimonials and referrals. Reference Guide is included.

Tools Covered: Typeform, SurveyMonkey, Airtable, Excel/Google Sheets, and email tools

Workshop #10

Year-End Activities

How to review your year in an analytical way to provide data for future decisions. How to plan your year (or quarter) effectively. How to use templates and prompts to help. This is a fully interactive workshop and a checklist is included.

Tools Covered: Templates, project management tools, Excel/Google Sheets