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Photomyne Webinar with Carly Michael

July 21, 2020 @ 6:00pm - 7:00pm EDT

The Photo Managers is pleased to present a series of webinars by some of our members in conjunction with Photomyne. These are aimed at the DIY market.

Safeguarding Your Family Photos
Carly Michael, Photogenie

Your wedding day. Your first baby. Your child’s first day of school. It is in these pivotal moments that we take photos so we can remember. Your memories are so valuable that you couldn’t bear the thought of losing them… right? Unfortunately, you are at serious risk of doing just that.

We are currently living in the ‘The Digital Dark Age’ – a time when more photos are taken than ever before but also a time that could be forgotten forever. The reality of how long your data is going to remain accessible to you on your digital devices is confronting. Join Carly Michael, the PhotoGenie, to learn what you need to put in place in order to safe-guard your family history and avoid your photos from being lost in the Digital Dark Age.

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