In this session of Career Advice from a Pro we welcomed pro Photo Manager and owner of HOPE Organizing, Lisa Tonjes-Moritz.

While busy in a seemingly unrelated career in the field of banking, Lisa stumbled across a brochure about professional organizing one day on a routine trip to Office Max. Years later, when it came time for her to transition into a new job, she decided to finally give it a try. Although she started off as a residential home organizer, as soon as Lisa heard about photo organizing, she knew it was the right fit for her.


What is a typical client project for you?


I typically do a lifetime of photos. My clients are often baby boomers or children of baby boomers whose parents have died relatively young and need to divide a collection between the kids. . Whether that was in their 50s or maybe 60s, and so that they can divide up the whole collection between the kids. 


What do you love about working with photos?


I personally have always loved looking at photos and hearing the stories behind photos. From a young age, I was making scrapbooks. The first one that I helped with was in kindergarten. We went to Texas to visit my aunt and uncle and my aunt helped me make my own scrapbook for show-and-tell when I got back. So that’s my first memory of having a love of photos. I just love hearing people’s stories, looking at their family history, and being able to show them a photo they haven’t seen in years or maybe never have seen.


Do you offer additional services beyond photo scanning?


I always like to do either a photo book or a slideshow after doing the scanning. I would say my least favorite thing to actually do is the scanning. I like to share and celebrate. So helping them share and celebrate their photos is my favorite thing to do.

For new clients, I start with the basics, including setting up facial recognition, and other keywords so that they can find specific photos. After the photos are scanned and organized, then I consider figuring out the best platform for them in their family to share the photos, whether it’s SmugMug, Google Photos, or Amazon. I love digital photo frames. I’ve got two Nixplay digital photo frames in the house. I’ve also got an Amazon and Google hub, and I love it. Whatever works best for the client is what we set up for them.  Lastly, we find ways to celebrate their photos, which means making books or any other photo gift to share.


Tell us about winning your Best in Omaha award!


Yes, I did get “Best of Omaha” from Omaha Magazine. About five years ago, I told them they should have an organizer category and I never heard back from them. And this year, I had someone I know ask me what category they could vote for me in and I said they didn’t have one. Later on, I got an email saying “You’ve been chosen best of Omaha for home organizing.” I didn’t even know that was a category! 


How do you promote your business and find new clients?


There are a variety of ways clients find me. My biggest client started working with me in 2014 and it was through an Amazon Local deal, which is like Groupon. And she happened to buy two, vouchers for two hours for $50 and it led to a long-term client relationship. 

Other clients have come to me through people I meet in my volunteer activities in various organizations. People will often talk about my work and how I can help which leads new clients to work with me.


How has membership with The Photo Managers been helpful to you? 


The biggest thing is the training and support. The members-only Facebook group and the website have been so helpful.  Whenever I have a question, it has been tremendously helpful. Also all the training webinars including older ones from the training vault. I was also part of the 2019 Masterclass. I would have never had that opportunity if it wasn’t for The Photo Managers. My group from the Masterclass still stays in close contact so we can get advice and feedback from each other. 


Watch the full interview for Lisa’s answers to questions from the audience. Learn about what she covers in her initial consultations with clients, how she sets her prices, and more insider tips.