DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop

with SurroundUs Services
CEO & Founder, Jordan Babeon

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  • Lesson Two - Which App is Right For Me? Choosing the right photo management system is a critical first step. In this lesson, you’ll learn what you need to consider when deciding which photo management app is right for you.
  • We’ll even include our 7-page checklist, with a list of questions that will help you determine which of the Big 4 is best for you, Apple Photos, Google Photos, OneDrive or Amazon Photos.
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About the Workshop

Are you ready to take back control of your digital mess and give your photos purpose? Join us in our virtual classroom as SurroundUs CEO & Founder, Jordan Babeon, shares her secrets on all things digital photo organizing! We will deep dive into how to become an effective manager of your family's most precious possession - your photos and videos.

Let’s demystify the overwhelming process of digital photo organization so you can finally check that photo project off your neverending list of to-dos!

In this virtual class, you will learn about:

  • The SurroundUs System, a method proven to save you time and energy as you tackle organizing your digital photo and video collection.
  • We will address how to pick the best system for your needs including security and privacy concerns.
  • How to identify and remove duplicates.
  • Best practices in setting up your new system to most efficiently streamline the organization process.

Ready to set yourself up for success in managing a lifetime full of moments captured and memories made? Get started by signing up for our DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop today!

See what others are saying about the course!

“What was once intimidating has now become an approachable and easy task! Just finished SurroundUs Services DIY Photo Organizing class and feel confident that I can now fully utilize Apple and Google Photos. Jordan was extremely knowledgeable and a skilled teacher, who clearly explained the process of reining in thousands of photos (from many devices) into one simple organizing system.”

Lauren Giusti

“I had tons of photos everywhere and no clue how to manage them on my own. I could not afford to hire someone to do this for me, so I took the DIY class with Jordan and am really glad that I did! Jordan’s process was easy to follow and clearly explained what to do and how to do it. Jordan saved me a ton of computer space since she found almost 70,000 duplicate photos! Strongly recommend; great course, great value!”

Jerry Pault

“Jordan knows how to make a daunting process approachable. She simplifies all her (abundant!) technical knowledge and shares it in a way that makes it easy to understand.”

Stephanie Baltz

“I strongly recommend the SurroundUs Services DIY Digital Photo Organizing Workshop. Jordan is an expert in all things digital photo organizing and was helpful in decoding the various software solutions currently available.”

Mike Lavelle

Meet Your Instructor

We believe photos have the ability to create and spread love, joy and connection to those around us. SurroundUs is a small, woman-owned, professional photo organizing business with a passion for helping busy, working parents take control of their digital clutter and feel empowered with their photo management system.

We’ve become experts in all things photo organization, consolidation and protection so that your limited time can be spent doing the things you love: pouring over family memories, reminiscing on life’s sweetest occasions and reliving your best moments spent with your best people.

Jordan Babeon
CEO & Founder
SurroundUs! Services


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