Apply for 2023-2026 Event Committee

Do you enjoy volunteering and working with a committee of your peers? The Photo Managers is looking for your expertise in helping us continue to create an engaging event experience for Save Your Photos Month, Profitability Live, In-person, and Virtual Conferences 2023-2026.

We are looking for a committee of professional photo managers to help us in the following areas:

• Review our speaker proposals and consider topics that will appeal to our newest, intermediate, and advanced members.
• Plan the overall theme and provide input on the schedule of events.
• Provide information on gifts, prizes, and the overall event experience.
• Provide input as a subject-matter expert to develop annual Save Your Photos Month materials for the Event Kit.
• Opportunity to volunteer at the events including visible roles such as MC if interested.
• Help choose a location for 2025-2026 conference.
• Offer member insight into decisions TPM makes related to our events.

Time commitment: We are seeking 4 new members who will commit to a three-year term starting July 1, 2023 – to June 30, 2026. The time commitment will include approximately one 60-minute meeting each month and occasional email communications, plus additional commitments around event times.

Purpose: The committee’s goal is to determine and review the event themes for Save Your Photos Month (September), Profitability Live (November) and the Spring Conferences (April /May). Together you will provide input on the call for the speaker process, review speaker submissions, and help choose the final speakers and schedule. In addition, we’ll ask for your feedback on new marketing ideas, such as the Snapshot Pass.

Group Personality: We’d love to have a committee that reflects The Photo Managers community. Been a member for six months to 12 years, US & international, men and women, tech-savvy and willing to learn, and most of all passionate about helping clients tell their family stories and support this growing profession.

Stipend: As our way to thank you for your time you will receive a 50% discount on any paid events (Profitability Live & Conference virtual or in-person), recognition at events plus other fun surprises throughout your term.

What Past Committee Members Are Saying:

“I thoroughly enjoyed working with The Photo Managers on the inaugural Event Committee this past year. It always feels good to be part of something that is for the greater good. As a member of the event committee you are able to help with the planning of the Annual TPM Conference, Profitability Live and Save Your Photos Month. Being a member of this committee allows you to provide another perspective and ultimately improve the member experience. My favorite part of the committee was assisting with the planning of the Orlando Conference. Being local I was able to tour the facility ahead of time and spend some extra quality time getting to know Cathi and Isabelle. I highly recommend joining a committee such as The Event Committee and getting more involved with this amazing organization.” ~Christina Singleton, The Neat Squad

“I’ve been a photo manager since 2012 and have helped in various ways but loved being part of the first ever Event Committee. Collaborating with other peers and helping to see the vision Cathi and Isabelle have to make sure everyone can learn and come away with new skills has been crucial in even helping my business grow and flourish. In person events are important to our organization and if you are a 1-person business, these people become your work family. Just knowing that we have helped make decisions so new or old photo mangers feel welcomed and can get educated makes me feel so connected. I recommend to anyone considering helping us continue to grow for sure jump on the committee!” ~Kristen Goodman, Clicking with Kristen