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If you need a boost of confidence, someone who understands your experience, pitfalls to avoid, or a sounding board for ideas you have, then a mentor a perfect fit.

Our mentors have committed to offering four hours of their time over six weeks. Let us know what area you are struggling with, and we’ll match you with an experienced mentor.

“Having someone to connect with, who understands the photo management business was so helpful. Sometimes having someone in your court to cheer you on is all you need to get through the struggles you may have as a business owner/entrepreneur.”

Candy Wamboldt
Adore Your Photos

“Having one experienced person to discuss my specific needs was extremely helpful and invaluable. TPM provides a lot of training and areas to ask questions but it is sometimes overwhelming to know which advice to use.”

Jill Rivers
Enjoy the Moments

Requirements for becoming a Mentee:

A member of The Photo Managers
A willingness to listen and learn from your mentor
Available 4 hours over six weeks, can be one or two-hour blocks

Explore Our Mentoring Best Practices Guide

This guide was developed from feedback shared by our mentors and mentees during our initial pilot mentoring program. By following these best practices, you will maximize the benefits of the mentoring relationship and create a meaningful and productive partnership.

Areas of Support:

General Business Advice
Finding Clients / Marketing
Camera Scanning
Digital Photo Organizing
Printed Photo Organizing
Photo Books
Home Movie Conversion
Estimating / Pricing

Note: There is currently a waitlist for mentors. We will match you with a mentor as soon as a mentor becomes available.

“I am so glad that I signed up for the mentor program. My mentor has been generous with her time & talent, answering all my questions. Also, knowing that I will report to her each week keeps me accountable and on-track. This is a smart program to focus new members on getting going.”

Jeri Feaster

“The Mentor/Mentee program is so extremely helpful as we venture through this emerging business opportunity. Being a solo-preneur in an emerging field is challenging. We all bring different experiences and expertise to our businesses and having someone committed to partner with us, even for a short time or for a specific limited purpose, has truly been a blessing!”

Karen Harris
Near and Dear Photos

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