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Cathi Nelson

    L. Weber
    10/5/2018 at 11:51:38 PM GMT
    Adam, do you “burn” the .mp4 files to a DVD using a particular piece of software or just do a straight copy of the .mp4 to DVD? I have Wondershare burning software but it only burns to the DVD playback option and not .mp4. Just trying to figure out a way to get both on the CD.

    A. Pratt
    10/6/2018 at 4:05:16 AM GMT
    I don’t burn anything to a DVD or CD. I deliver MP4 files on a hard drive to the client, and sometimes I upload videos to a web site such as SmugMug, Flickr, or Youtube for the client on an unlisted playlist. You need to discuss with your client how they expect to view the videos, and then use the appropriate delivery/playback technology to meet that expectation.

    D. DeMorrow
    11/3/2018 at 8:53:33 PM GMT
    Adam, thanks for your earlier posting. I’m considering getting the Elgato converter you linked to, but several of the reviews I saw mentioned that the playback ends up with muted colors and unsynced audio. Do you have any experience with this?

    Darla DeMorrow
    HeartWork Organizing

    A. Pratt
    11/4/2018 at 7:02:38 AM GMT
    Sorry, but I don’t have hands-on experience with either of those products. FWIW, I think analog-to-digital video conversion is a pain because of the time, equipment, and finicky nature of the process. If you’re the special person who does this work that’s great, but have you considered outsourcing to a specialist? That’s what I do? I do all my own digital video conversions, but I send out my VHS, VHS-C, HI-8, Beta, and Super8/16mm.

    B. Straus
    11/10/2018 at 4:14:23 PM GMT
    I just put together a very professional, high quality video transfer station. I am able to get finished products which look as though they were shot with modern video equipment, assuming the tape is an original recording and is not physically damaged. Video Equipment: 2 different high end SVHS decks, JVC HR-S9911U, & JVC SR-MV40, (with built in TBC) 1 pretty high end SVHS deck JVC SR-V101US (with built in TBC) (for possibly contaminated/dirty tapes) 1 average SVHS JVC HR-S3800U (no TBC) (for tape previewing) 1 Panasonic DMR-ES15 DVD recorder (for video stabilization, only to pass the signal through not to record), 1 DataVideo DVK-100 External TBC (for signal sync and stabilization), 1 Video Processor (for color and luminance adjustment and resolution boost), 1 Audio mixer (for audio level adjustment and EQ), Capture Equipment: I’m using a diamond VC500MAC USB capture device, Mac Laptop, ViewSonic IPS Monitor, Software: VideoGlide capture software, iMovie (for editing), WonderShare compression software. I also have a Sony Mini-DV camera for Mini-DV tape playback, and am looking for a Sony Hi-8 & D8 camcorder for 8mm cassette playback. For VHS-C I have a Panasonic motorized cassette adaptor. This is about 80% of what a studio would use for the conversion of professionally produced video productions. I may upgrade my capture equipment at some point. Initial capture is only slightly compressed. Results in about 10GB/hr of video. Final client video is delivered per clients choice. I recommend not creating authored DVD’s (playable in DVD players) since that process will add additional compression.
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    M. Macintyre
    1/22/2019 at 11:05:22 PM GMT
    I just happen to have a VCR / DVD combo that can record the VHS to DVD. I decided to try it with one of my own VHS tapes I created a DVD from the VHS, then used free Handbrake software to ‘rip’ the DVD and create an .mp4 file. It worked really well!

    Question 1: Can anyone tell me if doing the conversion in 2 steps (VHS to DVD, then DVD to .MP4) will reduce the quality of the final .MP4 compared to using something like Vidbox to convert VHS directly to .MP4?

    I used Cyberlink Power Director (free, because it’s an older version of what they sell now) to edit the video – remove blank space. It was really easy once I figured it out (the instructions are lousy).

    Question 2: Has anyone tried ‘upsampling’ software such as Fonepaw Video Converter? This article claims it can enhance video

    Other software recommendations anyone?