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Adam Pratt

    I’m doing more work with remote clients and I’ve learned some things from those experiences that might be relevant. Basically, I asked the client to text my photos of what they have and then we talk about it over the phone. I focus on the type and quantity of media they have so I can give them a ballpark of how expensive the project is going to be. At that point they can of course recount, edit, etc. but at least we have a common understanding of the project that they’re about to ship me.

    That said, I prefer doing these gathering sessions in person for a few reasons: 1. I can build rapport with the client 2. I can educate them on my process an expectations 3. I can usually upsell them or find more materials they hadn’t thought of. For example, one client called me for help with her photos but when I left we were tackling her video collection also. For this I use a series of small posters I designed to remind them visually of what they might have but hadn’t thought of.

    Do any of those ideas help?