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Stacey Sherman

    Greetings from North Carolina!

    {reposting, with small edits, from my January intro on the APPO site}

    I originally joined back in March 2017, but quickly got overwhelmed and intimidated with all the info so I cancelled my membership after one quarter. But since then, I have not stopped thinking about/contemplating rejoining. I even came close to attending the conference TWICE! And, one of the times it was even local to me…which I am still angry at myself for not going. Anyway…

    Between then and now, I have invested (aka “spent”) a ton of time and money discovering what I really want to do in this next phase of my life. A few of the recurring themes throughout my life have always been photos, photography and organizing. From my first camera, (that I begged for – a kodak 110 pocket camera) I have truly been in LOVE photos and the stories they tell. I didn’t care whether it was a film, polaroid, point-and-shoot, dslr or phone camera, I have just always wanted to capture *all the moments* to share and remember. I also love making albums for myself and others (and yes, some were the old magnetic page ones). I have also *always* been a collector of ephemera and such, and made my own manila-paged scrapbook wayyy back when. And of course, once I had children, my photo addiction grew along with LOTS of framed prints, scrapbooking and even shadowbox creation. But, as most of us know all too well, life got busy and you know the rest 😁

    I’m sure my story has similarities to most of yours and is why we are drawn to this work. So fast forward to September 2019 when I finally got up the courage to schedule a call with Cathi about APPO and ask if the work I would like to do fits within the membership. Her call reassured me that APPO members come from various backgrounds and do a multitude of different things within their businesses. I decided to rejoin and also register to attend the 2020 conference along with the pre-conference intensive (Bldg a Successful Business). Although I want to learn about all aspects of DAM, my plan as of now, is to start with organizing print photos (and maybe some digital) and album/book creation. I have been learning digital photography (2+years) so that’s also an aspect that I think will help.

    I have completed the Scanning Work Flow  and Adam’s Lightroom Organizing online courses. I have used Lr for editing, so this course helped me better understand all the file management aspects. Lr is sooo robust, but I’m determined to master it! I am also working on the new certification and almost ready to submit my client project portion.

    I am excited to be a part of  “new and improved” The Photo Managers and hoping to meet many of you in Atlanta in 2021. I have already seen what an inclusive and supportive group this is, so I am looking forward to sharing and working with you all.


    Stacey  😊