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Adam Pratt

    If you plan to scan prints then you’ll need a few things in addition to the macro lens and camera:

    1. A way to support your camera. Your tripod might work if you can attach a horizontal boom arm and face the camera lens down on a table. Alternatively you’ll want to consider a copystand, which will be more stable and probably take up less space.
    2. Light sources: I suggest two LED light panels at 45° and opposite sides of your staging area.
    3. Piece of museum glass a little bigger than your biggest print size. This is an easy way to keep your photos flat for camera scanning.
    4. Regarding the ideal aperture, it depends. Each lens is different and it can require some trial and error. When in doubt I’d start at f8, but here’s an easy test you can try. Put a crisp new dollar bill under a piece of glass and shoot the same part of the dollar bill with different apertures. Then view those images at actual size (100% view in an image editor) and see which one is the sharpest. Make sure you compare the edges and corners, not just the center of the image. It’s a cheap and easy way to find the sharpest aperture on your lens.

    Does that help?