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Dionne Merriott

    Jonathan, this is a good question and something that we all think about in terms of profitability.  The fact is that some items take longer to scan than others.  If you want to charge by the item, you need to practice with the items (whether photos in albums, loose photos, slides, or negatives) and see how many you can do in an hour.  Then when you set your price, you can specify what exactly this price covers.  I use the term scan ready photos to differentiate those from those that are in an album.  Those in an album take longer to do if you are taking them out.   Also, think about whether you need to organize those photos or items before scanning.  All these factors are important when determining your price.  If you do decide on an hourly rate, you can say – I can typically scan X photos per hour.  Then clients have an idea about what to expect.


    Dionne Merriott

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