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Rhoda Gordon

    Hi All, I have a client who ran out of space with her iCloud acct because of many many videos of her son’s performances, which she does not need to keep in the iCloud. She contacted me to help her move everything out of the iCloud and back it up so she can delete and make room as she does not want to spend the extra monthly amount for 1TB of iCloud. She has an iPhone and a Dell running Windows 10. My question is for her workflow moving forward so she does not get into this issue again. Based on the above there are many options. I feel the OneDrive is out for the reason she does not want to pay more for iCloud storage. My thought is to have her setup and use iCloud for Windows and then she can download the videos and anything else she would like to the EHD, then delete from the cloud. Actually, isn’t there a way to automatically have items from the iCloud download into folders on a PC? This is all for keeping space open in the iCloud for future pics. I will also be recommending backup procedures for the EHD, I was thinking either BackBlaze or Amazon Photos as she has Amazon Prime. What are your thoughts?