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Jonathan Thompson

    Hi Adam, I apologize for the delay in getting back to this thread. I was out of the office a lot last week and things have been a bit hectic. I greatly appreciate both your thoughts and Dionne’s! Adam, your discussion did help me look at things a bit differently. I’m not more inclined to go with unit pricing rather than plans, though I (and so many other people, I am sure) do not know what is the best price point for someone new to the field. I’ve looked at pricing set by others in my area and beyond, which helps, but it also varies a lot. What are your thoughts on that?

    The choice to go per unit until I am more established is also more feasible with the investment in a rapid/auto feeder scanner. As I noted in my original post, I am using a flatbed scanner, so output speed is slow and per unit pricing would be a lot less fruitful by the hour (I’m doing about 60 loose photos per hour and 36 35mm negatives per hour). A rapid scanner will fix that for loose photos.

    Thanks also for your thoughts and example regarding how to work with per unit pricing and the client agreement and deposit. One of my fears was that clients wouldn’t want to guess at how many photos or negatives they have (and probably wouldn’t want to count them all to be sure) and that estimates would make them less likely to commit to the project versus a set price through a package. But, to start, I will try per unit pricing and see how it goes! Thanks again.