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Stephanie Heller

    This is a great conversation about pricing that Jonathan has brought up.  I really appreciate the insights from Adam and Dionne!  I have a follow-up question regarding pricing: can you determine the price to scan AND organize files?

    I know that most photo organizers charge by the hour and bill accordingly. However, I have a women’s group that would love to purchase organizing packages. Given my workforce (only me), I am outsourcing the scanning to a third party that does straight scanning – no organizing. I get the raw files and need to organize them.

    I therefore know my per unit price (including my mark-up), but want to add a per unit cost to organize that batch of files. The client would be furnishing me with the date/place/occasion info for that batch – so I want to package to include the cost of my time to organize.

    Any advice or insights on this would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you!!