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Celina Vargas

    Hello everyone!

    I am Celina and I too have joined 2 other times before but always working my regular job and feeling a bit overwhelmed.  I am here again and loving the new PHOTO MANAGERS!  It feels so much more organized and I am taking the certification.  My day job has been as a family manager the new word for “butler”…I have kept families organized in all aspects of their lives.  On one occasion I was sent out on an errand for my employer to get a VHS tape converted and placed on her thumb drive. The person worked from home and gave me a short tour of their work.  I was intrigue and thought of all the photos I had and that my employer had …and the over 10.000 phots I have on my phone and cloud…I always wanted to organize and share my pictures.  So Covid-19 seems to have stopped us all from working and i thought this is the best time to do this.  I want to be able to create something for myself that has value for others and I think this is a great place to start!