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Shanna Koetsier

    Hello from Canada 🙂 My business name is GingerSnaps and I have been wanting to dive into this type of business for a long time. When Covid hit and I was off work, I decided it was time to dive in. I have been involved in graphic design, scrapbooking, custom photo books, photo products, organizing, etc., forever. Both personally and professionally. I have been working for a Design and Print company for some time now and one of my rolls there is managing our photo products department. I seem to be the one everyone asks for help and direction in all of this so it’s just natural that it becomes a business for me. I’m so excited and almost ready to submit my project for the final stage of certification 🙂 I do appreciate the level of support and ability to ask questions in this group.

    I have a good number of clients and projects to start, about 2 months worth of work. But…I am interested in learning more about marketing this type of business. I’m reaching out to form partnerships with other business owners who may come across future clients for me. And trying to determine if social media marketing is worth the time it takes to understand it 🙂 So much to learn!…but I do love it all.