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Katherine Becker

    Hello from Post Falls, Idaho. 🙂

    I am super excited about having found this group, I only wish I had found it years ago. I have always loved everything having to do with photography and preserving our memories, but have been busy raising my kiddos and working full time as a senior project manager for a translating agency. My kids are now grown, 16 & 19, and I have finally decided to come back to what I love…photos!

    I was always the one collecting photos from friends and families and making calendars and books for everyone, but because my work at the translating agency kept me so busy for so many years I no longer had the time or energy to do what I love. Things have slowed down so I am pursuing what I love. I am really behind, so much has changed since I did this many years ago that I have some serious catching up to do. Before the Covid-19 shutdown my church started a “Creative Nights” program where they asked for volunteers to lead classes in cooking, painting, photography, etc. I, excited to see this, offered to do a workshop in organizing your photos…I’m super excited about it, but I am now thinking I may have jumped too soon? I started preparing for it and realized how behind I am. So…..I am scrambling to learn as much as I can. Years ago I ran workshops where I helped people put digital scrapbooks together so I am comfortable in that aspect, but this is different. But, now that I am committed this is forcing me to pursue what I love doing without any excuses and I’m excited to take it on and start my new business.

    In the meantime, I did sign up for the full training sessions and am hoping to eventually get certified as a Photo Manager. I plan on going to next year’s Summit and am looking forward to meeting other members. 🙂 I’m excited to be a part of such an awesome group!