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Kathy Bjorklund

    Thanks for your reply, Adam!

    You’ve got me thinking about the system I use at work for tracking the progress of my incentive groups and how it would really suit this type of work. I’ll just need to build a comparable spreadsheet to use for this to start with. I think that will help me declutter my mind, too. There are so many steps to remember!

    I think I’ll wait to take anyone on right now while I set my system up. I don’t have any type of literature or pricing or anything yet. That will also give me some time to get the first phase of the slide project underway.

    I start full time again at the day job on Monday and feel like I need to get a handle on that again. I’m almost positive I’ll have time to work on the computer stuff there. Also, business webinars from the forum.

    Maybe for now, I can tell my friend’s contact that I’m booked right now, but I can add her to my waitlist?

    Thanks again!