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Patricia GlosnerPatricia Glosner

    Thanks Adam!

    Under option 1, I went to File Menu and looked at Export.  Is there a way to highlight all my pictures in the library (50,000 +) all in folders/albums.  I assume this would take a long time if I had to do this with a customer.  In this case would I just recommend they upload their pictures to iCloud and then assess their pictures remotely?

    Under option 2, I went to Originals/Master files.  My Masters folder when opened only has a subfolder called 2017 (see screenshot attached). My Originals folder has a lot of subfolders and I am not sure I can tell if indeed all 50,000 pictures are present.  Would I copy these pictures keeping them in their folders (see screenshot).

    Any option for me to export my pictures retaining my folder/album structures that I have in Photo Library (see Screenshot).  Ultimately I would like to export my pictures, De-Dup, put metadata in etc and then import them back into APL in their file structures.


    Thanks! Patricia

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