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Ana Carvajal

    Hello from Great Falls, VA!

    My name is Ana, I am Colombian but I live in the USA.

    I have always kept my photo library up to date (currently 110K family photos), all tagged, dated and key-worded.  My friends envied the ease with which I could come up with slide shows or could look up any picture they asked for within seconds.   This led me to work for several clients doing exactly that, but it has been on an ad-hoc basis.  Now that my kids are going off to college (I think that is a recurring theme here?) and I have sold my full-time business, I feel like I have more time and would love to build this into a solid business.

    I have used Apple Photos (and the now defunct iPhotos and Aperture- which I sorely miss), Adobe Lightroom, Luminar and dabbled in some other photo organization software.

    I have worked with clients on slideshows, memory books and gifts, scanning, organizing and cataloguing.  One of my most touching projects was for a lady whose Mom suffered from Alzheimer’s and she wanted to help her keep some of her memories alive through visual stimulation. It is one of my favourite jobs because it had such an impact on them both.  I hope to be able to positively impact more people through my business.

    I am basically starting from scratch and am thrilled to have found this amazing group.  It seems to be full of resources that I hope I can take advantage of.  The goal is to start with just a few scanning and coaching services and take it from there. I am also interested in serving Spanish speaking customers.

    Thank you for welcoming me into the fold!!