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Chantal Imbach

    Hi Patricia,


    Yes, the size of the library will only reduce once you remove everything from the recently deleted folder.

    Are you deduplicating in your own library or is this for a client? I never remove anything other than duplicates and I leave the similar ones alone because it takes ages and if they are not my photos, who am I to decide what to keep and what not.

    My top priority for the auto mark is always size, then keywords, then metadata. I remove all the other ticks. Having said this, sometimes I would keep the smaller one if the difference is not bit and the smaller one has better metadata.

    My workflow is looking for duplicates first. Then I start tweaking the settings very slowly. Eg I would use a time gap of 1 second only to start with and then – if necessary – slowly work your way up.

    In short: I use PhotoSweeper to remove duplicates and if it’s my own photos, I prefer to remove duds by simply going through the feed. I don’t remove similar ones for clients.