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Patricia Glosner

    Thank you so much for your response!  Yes it is my own library. I have already removed my duplicates and now was going through similar pictures which I have alot of.  I just finished and I spent approximately 7 hours on the entire process and removed over 14,000 pictures from my library.  Interesting to hear you do not go through similar pictures for clients, I just assumed that was one of the services people provided but yes can be difficult to do.  Do you remove blurry or obviously bad pictures (over/under exposed) etc?  If you do what process would you use (any software)?

    With Photo Sweeper, is the only variable you change the Time Gap? Do you change Same Aspect ratio or matching level?  Lastly now that iPhones produce HEIC files you may have a smaller size but better resolution (correct?). How would you account for that?

    Thank you!

    Patricia Glosner