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Kate Jacus



    I forgot to check the email notification for replies, so apologies for taking so long to respond! I started my business, The Photo Curator, in 2016 and was a member right from the start. Since then, I’ve grown it slowly (still just me, no employees), and added two other side gigs. I am the Project Manager for The Photo Managers, and work with Cathi on things like the Virtual Summit, the new website, email communications, etc. I am also the Marketing Coordinator for one of our partners, Archival Methods. They are located in my city, and I was a customer first and now help with marketing and am the liaison to The Photo Managers. So a few things going on, but they are all interrelated nicely.

    I love talking archival storage, so if you ever have questions about storage for photographs (or objects! We often run into those in our clients’ collections, too!), drop me a line.

    Let us know how your presentations go!