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Rhoda Gordon

    Hi Paul, I tried that originally but the dates were off for the movies and she has alot of them (the reason she ran out of space). But I did play around with that and if I export originals and check the “export ITPC as XMP” I seem to get the correct date. Using PM to rename.  Sounds right?

    Her goal is to make more room on her iCPL and back up her media in non-propietary SW.  Once it is backed up, she will delete many of the older videos from the iCPL as she does not need to access them from her phone. She has a PC household.

    Moving forward she will continue to take photos with her iPhone and to manage them, We have narrowed it to 2 options:

    • Set up iCloud for Windows on Dell and have download full Res to folders on Dell
    • Amazon Photos: Free with Amazon Prime but need to pay $60/yr for your Video Size. Drawback, Need to download all if you stop being an amazon user or pay more if you choose not to be a Prime Member. But a good Backup Solution

    Opinions on this? Her long term goal is to safeguard her photos while not having to pay too much for the iCPL (she pays for the 200GB).