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Kate Jacus

    I love a good show & tell! I’m actually doing an outdoor, socially-distanced archival storage show & tell next month for a local historical society. BYO lawn chair 🙂

    I often do presentations for historical societies for my work with Archival Methods. The focus is more on the storage aspect rather than photo organizing specifically, but I do mention that I am also a photo manager and I have gotten a number of leads from them, usually months later.

    What makes these effective marketing tools (for AM, too!) is that I am speaking with people in person, I am showing samples of archival storage using real photos/objects, and I am giving away, both in my presentation and as a leave behind, valuable information.

    How does this translate to a presentation when you don’t have an archival supply company to showcase? Cathi’s community presentation on printed photo organization is a great place to start, and bolstering that with samples of what to do with the originals after digitizing is impactful. Plus having a leave-behind – maybe a checklist you design, or a list of DIY resources.

    I’ll also offer, on behalf of Archival Methods, to send anyone doing a community presentation a stack of our Family History Preservation Guides to give away. Here’s the online version.