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Steve Howard

    Hello – I’m Steve Howard, living in South Dakota, previously from California and Texas.  I am retired after working a career in IT & witnessing the birth of the PC industry and working through it in the Silicon Valley.

    But my passion always was photography and always had a camera with me since my military days in Germany, and through the Viet Nam period.  My specialty was Landscape Photography ( mainly throughout the western US) and worked many art shows selling my self printed prints.  Because of that, I have thousands of images, both slides and Digital and had to learn quickly how to manage all of them through software, metatags, backups, etc.

    As digital took over I began scanning my 35mm and medium format transparencies to digital.  Currently use a Epson V850 and a Nikon CoolScan 5000 film scanner.  Since I am still an avid outdoor photographer I have several nice DSLR and mirrorless cameras and hope to eventually move to Adam Pratt’s method of camera scanning when the quantity justifies itself.  I am very comfortable with the tech, and have been a lightroom/photoshop user for years.  I have been doing remote computer support for family members across the country so I am comfortable with ways to work remotely.

    I have been workig with a local Senior Center discussing the benefits of digitizing and organizing their personal photos and that has led me to this group.

    I guess My main area of interest at this point is marketing and business generation for a new business.  In other words letting people know I’m here and what I can do for them.  I love meeting new people and striking up conversations.  My daughter now calls me “Chatty Kathy” since I even get to know the cashiers at the local stores when we shop!

    Sorry I got so windy!