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Patricia Glosner

    Adam and Paul-  Thank you as always for sharing your feedback and expertise.  I am prodding with lots of questions about Apple Photo because I am about to take on my first customer and I need to determine which workflow to follow.  I know that even if I share information about metadata etc with clients there will be some that want to stay in the Apple environment no matter what. However this then bets that any future generations will also be using the apple products and that is not a guarantee (as my brother just shared with me, he is not an Apple user and won’t be an Apple user).  So then the question is do I just do all the work in Apple for my customer but ALSO do a “neutral” photo hub for future generations?   If I do it this way, I am back to the question do I export pictures out of Apple first, or will metadata data be retained etc.  My bet is, I will have to try all the different workflow and have each in my back pocket depending on the customer’s desires.

    Paul, if I understand your response, you are saying that I can export unmodified originals plus a sidecar to retain metadata.  This would be the best case scenario. How are you doing this?  Does LR simple recognize that the particular side car goes with that Jpeg or do you always need to maintain those files together.  I keep thinking that sidecar files can be easily shuffled away from their jpeg file.

    Again thank you to both of you, I am excited to get started!