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Kimberlee Kiehl

    Hi all, I’m Kimberlee from Columbus, Ohio. I am so excited to get started on moving down this new path. I have been a scrapbooker for over 20 years, making books for myself and for others. I also love photography and all things organizing so this is the perfect mix for me! I have been working in the museum world for 20 years, including at the Smithsonian. I have designed exhibits based on collecting people’s stories and objects and am excited to help people use these ideas as part of my business.  My Sr. VP position at a museum here in Columbus was recently permanently eliminated due to COVID. As I am nearing retirement and the job market is slim, I felt  like this might be the perfect time to pursue my passion and try to turn it into a second life career. I’m nervous about starting over after having been employed for over 40 years but I am excited to be part of this community!