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Adam Pratt

    Welcome, and good for you for making something new instead of waiting for the next thing!

    For scanning you have three main categories: 1. Flatbed scanners which are fine but very slow. 2. High-speed photo scanners such as the Epson FastFoto which you can get for about $500. The downside to these devices is they are prone to streaks from dust, can be a bit finicky, and can only scan standard prints. If you want to scan slides, negatives, mounted prints, oversized prints, scrapbooks, etc. you’ll need a second piece of equipment. 3. My favorite is camera scanning because it’s fast, high-quality, and you can scan virtually any format of photo at high resolution. The downside of this approach is the up-front cost (at least $1500) and more time learning how to get everything setup. Once you get over the hump, I believe this is the highest quality and most profitable option.