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Paul Einarsen

    You are asking the right question. Namely, are the clients you serve happy Apple Photos users or not? Thankfully, we are long past the infant days of digital photo organizing when software came and went overnight and the many happy iPhoto/Aperture users were poorly transitioned to a less-than-satisfying Photos 1.0. Apple is now the most valuable company in the world and a large part of its success is because of it’s photo/video ecosystem that makes every new generation of iPhone a “must have” purchase. The notion that Photos will be discontinued and users forced to migrate their collections overnight to other software is wildly unrealistic. In fact, at least 2 solutions for easy extraction of metadata rich originals are in development and it’s almost certain that those options will improve with time. The point is that there are 2 kinds of clients – those who do not understand how to use Apple Photos or are seeking a different feature set/user experience and will benefit from extraction and integration with another system, and those who bought into the Apple ecosystem for the ease of use and rich imaging experience it promises. For the latter, it’s a legitimate and proper business model to offer and support as I and many others in the photo management community have found.