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Lauren Geiger

    Hello, everyone! My name is Lauren and I’m brand new to The Photo Managers and am pursuing certification. I’m excited to get to know you!

    I have always loved photos, ever since I was a kid and would get the shoeboxes down from the top shelf of my parents’ closet and sift through the family snapshots (which still need organizing, all these years later!). I also love creative writing, history, and memoir, and I’d love to eventually incorporate a memoir-writing element into my photo/personal history business. I am a busy mom of four kids (ages 14 to 3) and am looking to start a business that will allow me to work from home, starting with photo organization (digital and paper) and album design. I have graphic design experience, so that part comes easier to me, but I have a lot to learn about organizing, scanning, and protecting images.

    I love collaboration and community and look forward to learning from you and hopefully also contributing some of my expertise in graphic design and marketing. Glad to be here!