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Marion Dooling

    Hi Everyone

    My name is Marion and sometimes its like everything comes together at once. I was contemplating starting a small photo organizing business and started doing research;  bought some books and watched Cathi’s webinar the same day I got her book in the mail having no idea the book I ordered was also the person in the webinar. Of course that opened up this whole community and I feel swallowed whole ( in a good way)

    I have been a lifelong picture taker and seemed to have inherited the title of Family Historian. My down time is often on ancestry doing research on my family or friends that have requested. As a result I am also scrapbooker and in the last few years have gotten into digital scrapbooking as well. My background is largely self taught but I am proficient on photoshop and a variety of other applications. I also dabble in collage both digital and analog. So while I am new to the business side of this I have been an innate organizer for years.

    In watching Cathi’s webinar I felt like she was repeating all the things I had brainstormed on recently so it seemed I found the right place.

    The only  glitch is I am a raging introvert and find it hard to reach out in person. Though at age 55 I have been telling myself to get over it already.  Nonetheless I love this idea and am moving forward like I am not terrified.



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