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Amy Humphrey Hayes

    Thanks, Adam! I can’t remember where I read that about the color checker being used for exposure…or maybe I dreamed it! Unfortunately, I seem to think about photo organizing 24 hours a day these days, whether I’m conscious or not.

    I was seeing this on the front sides as well, but now that I review my scans, I do think the majority of shots that are underexposed share the commonality of having more white than black in the image. Or they are the more faded photos. So I think I might need to shoot in manual mode for the majority of the black and white images. Also, I have chosen to include the borders so that I have access to what the edges look like, and because I like the aesthetic of the borders here. This is adding to the white space the camera is reading.

    In some ways, I find it challenging to navigate through new cameras because there seem to be so many “helpful” settings that need to be evaluated. For instance, what do you use for “Picture Style?” I had it on Auto for a while, then I thought maybe a different setting would be better, so I made scans on each setting and had trouble really seeing much of a difference. So, I went with Fine Detail. But maybe Faithful would be better for camera scanning.

    I am glancing longingly at that OM-1 right about now…