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Patricia Glosner

    All of the above! (eventually) Thanks for responding.  In this case I have a client that is an Apple User and wants to keep within the system.  I explained that iCloud is a syncing service but not a good back up.  At this time, she does a regular backup with passport. I am recommending 2 different external drives (One onsite, One offsite) and then would like to recommend a cloud services.  I hear many of our colleagues discuss backblaze, but I am sure my customer will have questions about Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive etc. As I understand it those are still more a Sync Services unless you change some of the settings.  With that said my next customer will be someone interested in access/sharing services. In this case I would want to compare things like SmugMug, Flickr, Forever etc correct? I was hoping not to reinvent the wheel if people already have an educational chart to discuss with customers.  Thank you!