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Adam Pratt

    If the carousels are full that could be anywhere from 5,520 slides (80-capacity carousels) up to 9,660 (14-capacity carousels). So let’s just ballpark it at 5,000-10,000 slides. I’d have a few concerns about this project:

    1. Health: If there is mold these need to be handled carefully.
    2. Cleaning: Even if there isn’t mold, the slides might need to be cleaned. Because the mounts can trap dust and debris, cleaning dirty slides can be a pain.
    3. I wouldn’t be too concerned about the client damaging the slides. but I would be really concerned about the client completing the task. If the count is on the high end and the client can load and preview the slides at a blistering pace of 5 seconds per slide that’s more than 13 hours of non-step viewing. When you factor in setup, blowing dust (or mold) from the carousels, jams, nostalgia, interruptions, blown and replaced bulbs, etc. it will take a normal person weeks or months to review 5-10k slides.
    4. In order to make the project happen I would suggest to the client that we just scan it all OR have some rules about what you scan. For example, some clients say “Only scan slides with people in them.” With that approach you’re much more likely to actually get and finish the project.