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Anne-Louise Game

    Hello everyone!  Greetings from England.  😃

    I am so excited to join this group – I wish I’d found it ages ago!   I live in West Sussex in England with my my husband Stephen and two boys age 12 and 11.  We also have 12 rare breed hens and Bantams, a Border Terrier and our new addition, a Norwich Terrier puppy.

    After working in technology marketing and sports sponsorship, I started an events business in the 1990s and delivered large scale and elite events for ten years.   After a break to have my children,  I set up a residential accommodation business and did some freelance project management and executive assistant work.

    I have been looking for something new for my next chapter and in the last 18m have taken courses in graphic design and generally updated all my tech skills.  I spent the last 12 months researching a business to help families manage their tech more effectively and keep in front of the digital wave.  I thought it had good potential but looking back, it didn’t excite or interest me enough.

    During lockdown I decided to tackle our collective photo mess (awful mess – lots of devices, formats, boxes, albums etc) and just loved it. It was so rewarding in so many ways – apart from feeling more organised, I re-connected to past memories and found the process exhilarating.   Then my father passed away and planning a photo montage was difficult as his photographs were everywhere.  I spent hours looking for my favourite one of him laughing – his head thrown back with joy.  I couldn’t find it and still haven’t put my hands on it.  It got me thinking about what is going to happen to all our wonderful photos and memories.   I’ve talked to lots of friends about this and everyone has a similar story.   As the year drew to a close I began to dream about doing this for other people and I found that it IS a thing that I can do.

    My plans for 2021 are to learn as much as I can, study for certification and establish myself as a freelance photo organiser.  My goal is to be established by the end of March.   I think I’d like to do print, digital photos and offer albums, but really I am not sure at this stage as it all looks so interesting.  Family histories and stories are such fascinating, powerful things.

    I look forward to meeting you all and working together!