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Michelle Boulay

    Hello! I am Michelle from AZ. I have been a high school chemistry and yearbook teacher for 10 years. Yearbook is my passion project and serious labor of love.  After my direct sales company closed its doors, I began looking for something I was truly passionate about.  Of course, it is documenting and photos.  I am a mom of two kiddos (2 and 8 mo).  My goal is for this to replace my income so that I can be available for my kids when they are in school to go to all things school.

    I have been a family documenter forever (prior to getting married).  I chatted with my husband about this and he was over the moon excited for me to start.  I am nervous and excited to start and then complete the certification course. As I am starting from the bottom, not sure how to get the ball rolling. There is a lot of information and I don’t want to overwhelm myself so I am going to commit 30 min in the evenings to review videos or material.  That may be a better approach than trying to learn all the things over fewer days.

    I am overjoyed to start this adventure!