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Renee Neill

    Hello!  I have enjoyed reading these introductions.  My name is Renee and I live in Southwest Missouri.  I have had a lifelong interest in photos and their stories.  I grew up working in our family printing business and loved learning design and all about photos.  While in high school, I became interested in my family tree and began researching our genealogy.  Later, raising and homeschooling my children, I put it all on the back burner for years (except the picture taking of course).  Now that I have the time, I am venturing out to begin this photo organizing business.  My practice project will of course be my own photos and also interviewing my elderly family members for stories to record and share.  I am hoping to pick up clients when I begin to feel comfortable with the process.  I am super excited to begin this journey!!  I am grateful for this community to help me stay on track and answer questions!